Mud Creek Baptist Church
Friday, December 19, 2014
Missions Ministry
Fulfilling the call of Acts 1:8
Welcome to the Mud Creek Baptist Church Missions Ministry web site.  Mud Creek Baptist Church exists to serve the purpose of God for this generation. We believe that there are five purposes of the church:
Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Missions
The Missions Ministry exists as a way for members of Mud Creek to fulfill the church’s calling to missions. There are two parts of this calling: Evangelism, which is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our immediate context, and Missions, which is sharing the Gospel outside our immediate context. I hope that you will take time to explore the pages of this site, where you can view our Missions Strategy, and our current partnerships and missions opportunities. I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can be part of the amazing work that God is doing through Missions at Mud Creek Baptist Church.
These mission focuses represent how we will go about spreading the redeeming message of Jesus Christ to the world:
     1. Education - Focuses Mud Creek on how to fulfill God’s mission and opportunities for mission involvement (evangelism training, mission training, mission videos, mission communications in Sunday School, CARE, and more).
     2. Emphases -  Focuses Mud Creek on meeting felt needs. These emphases build credibility in order to share God’s message of love and redemption (Annual Food Drive, World’s Largest Baby Shower, Operation Christmas Child, Backpack Ministry and others). 
     3. Events - Focuses Mud Creek on opportunities to get involved personally in missions (local ministry and mission projects, Operation Inasmuch, disaster relief opportunities, mission trips, partnerships with churches and missionaries across the world, Adopt-a-Church, church planting, and more).
                                                             Chris Hefner
                                                             Minister of Missions and Evangelism